Protection from Pests & Pathogens  

Pest Management Health provides virus deactivation services, general pest control, and fumigation of trailers, buildings, and containers.

General pest management services are customized to meet the needs of your business, including food processing level documentation as needed.

Rats & Mice

Rats and mice can be fun to watch and look at in a pet store.  But, those most of us see are not in or from a pet store.

Rodents contaminate food supplies, cause property damage, and spread disease. This is why they are considered pests. We control rats and mice!


Roaches live in hard-to-reach spaces and inside objects.  They are able to multiply quickly and cause trouble.

Roaches transfer filth onto your food and belongings. They contribute to public health concerns.

We have professional products and equipment to control roaches. Our expertise can get to the root cause of your troubles.


There are about 10,000 species of ants on our planet.  Some ants are more difficult to control than others.

Indiana has  more than one ant species that will sense the pesticide you apply as danger, divide the colony into sub-colonies, and reproduce exponentially to survive.

We know how to control these ants.  Call us today! 


Beetles & Moths

Pests in stored products can cause great financial loss. Weevils, beetles, and moths contaminate grain storage, nutrition powders, medicine for livestock, and more.

  We provide clean treatment without pesticide residue.   

Bed Bugs

We provide conventional Bed Bug treatment for your business and residence.

We also provide non-residual methods for furniture and personal belongings infested with Bed Bugs. 


We provide professional treatments based on thorough inspections.  We use a scientific approach, identifying pests and getting to the root of pest problems. Let us protect your business and brand with our quality pest solutions.


Heavy duty material refinery, manufacturing, and distribution sites need pest management.  We will customize a program to meet your needs and protect your operation from safety hazards caused by pests. 

Rail Cars

We provide treatment before or after commodities are transported.  We are able to provide treatments to individual or multiple rail cars.  Call today to discuss your treatment needs.

Trailers &


We provide treatments of trailers and containers.  Purchase treatment prior to contaminating your facility and outbound products to your customers.

Protection from Pests & Pathogens